Raffaele Scircoli is born in 1982 and is one of most appreciated professional magician in the field of bizarre and psychological magic. That’s the area of magic that takes into account mysterious and astonishing demonstration with a very strong impact on the audience.
Raffaele starts training as a young child, as his natural curiosity, drives him toward the field of esoteric magic and tarots.
What really fascinates him are the psychological subtleties and the induction of decisions, because they allow him to give the illusion to be able to read minds.
His passion grows more and more over the years and he also start studying hypnosis and body language.
He also analyzes and learns the energetic techniques that are part of Yoga and Tai Chi Chuan.
After his 27th birthday he gets in touch with his first magic tricks and he soon falls in love with magic. He decides to start studying magic as much as possible and to melt his previous knowledge together, to create a new art of entertainment, based on real skills, illusion and psychology. His effects are new, fresh, unseen and unbelievable.
Nowadays Raffaele regularly works worldwide, in numerous events, where he is invited by his clients, to create an amazing, astonishing and memorable show!

Raffaele Scircoli is available for: Gala Dinner, Birthdays, Weddings, Conventions, Team Building ecc